Friday, October 12, 2012

Top 5 Reasons I Miss The Kid Who Moved Out

So 6+ months ago, my kid moved out.  I'd say finally but that would imply I was waiting for him to go. Not really.  He was old enough and smart enough and knew how to wash his own clothes, run the vacuum and cook enough different foods to not get hungry when he was 15.  But he finished school, bought a truck and paid off about half his student loan, while finding the "right" room mate. (Who, frankly? I really like..........a lot)

So now that he's gone, I realized why I was never in a rush for him to leave.

1. HUGS - there were baby hugs, boy hugs, teenage "don't let anyone see me doing this hugs" and great hugs from the Man whom my son is now. I happen to love hugs.  I miss them the most!

2. Muscles and height. I'm 5'2" and shrinking, short, fat and out of shape.  He's Not.  He's 5'11.9999" so he can easily reach the top shelf in my kitchen cabinets and closets and frankly, he was quicker than me getting the step ladder and climbing (and less clumsy)

3. Security - really, how much "threat" is a short, fat 5'2" older woman if there are intruders or crazy people on the sidewalk?? He worked out, had muscles and although he's pretty mild-mannered, the deep baritone and his "shadow" are pretty effective deterents for some things.

4. Jokes and pranks...he snuck up on me all the time, and scared the bejesus out of me at least once a week.  So my heart has not been "restarted" since April 1.  He also has a dry sense of humor and had a way  of making my "kitchen disasters" into comedy that I lack.  I make them into the chocolate cake this week. The one that tried to kill me. Seriously, a murderous chocolate cake (a WHOLE other blog post)

5. The cat. He stole one of my cats when he left. Not immediately but about 6 weeks ago, he visited, and left with the cat in his pocket.

Ok, not really. I told him he could have the cat but I hadn't realized how much I'd miss the cat. Boy I hope he brings him to visit soon.         seriously, first the hugs and now the cat.  I might have to go visit for an extended visit.

Disclaimer: Beth's son lives about 20 min away and she drives right past his house regularly. She could certainly go get a hug from the cat at any time. If the cat would just answer the door.


Meryl said...

You made a tear appear, you make us think of our own children so far away. 20 minutes...really? I could only hope.

You are a funny lady, Beth!!!

The Boxing Tarantula said...

Boy, you wouldn't think he was the same kid who was so bad, he endured threats of military school for a good ten years... ;-P

Beth Cherkowsky said...

Yet, those threats kept you on the straight and narrow for what?? 10 minutes??