Friday, June 25, 2010

Share this video - Clean the Gulf Oil Spill up!

MY mother made me clean up any mess I made when I was growing up. What's wrong with you BP people? YOU should be ashamed or yourselves. CLEAN UP THAT MESS!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why doesn't anyone...

1. make a toaster with a snap-on or snap-off cover?? I'm looking at my toaster a few minutes ago and couldn't eat til I stopped to clean it. I'd love a toaster with a snapon cover that I could remove to put it in the sink and wash it REALLY clean. (spray cleaners don't satisfy my old-fashioned soul... I want it in HOT water and bleach and you know the routine...CLEAN)

2. Same thing for coffee makers.. I can put the basket and the pot in the dishwasher... why not a snap off cover so I can wash that properly too???

Just saying...