Monday, June 7, 2010

Who reconciles Amazon's merchant account statements

Alright I'm sitting here trying to reconcile an account and it's SUCH a pain in the neck to do it isn't even funny. Years ago, I used to reconcile credit card statements for a large company. It wasn't quite the worst job I ever had but I sure hated doing it.

So in the middle of doing this, I went to amazon to buy somethind and thought " I wonder how do they reconcile their accounts?" I'm sure there's not really a person going line by line but I'm also sure it has to be checked by someone somehow. Who do you do it Jeff Bezos?

Or any big company? I don't have a lot of charges thru my "merchant account" to reconcile but hopefully I will a couple of years down the road. How do the big vendors/venues do it? (If you know, whisper it right here, I wont' share it with anyone but my 6 closest friends... LOL)


Sunday, June 6, 2010


There's been a lot of dialogue the last several days about "immediate" shipping. PLEASE define for me what YOU mean by immediate shipping by posting in the comments section of my blog at

Posts/comments on Facebook will not be included (the point of a blog is to build a blog following not to enrich facebook any more than they are already rich..ya know?)And then watch this blog later for a follow-up post on the so-called "Industry Standards"

Here's the question again - DeFINE Immediate shipping.

What does that mean to you (and please include info on whether you are a buyer only or a buyer/seller or a seller only)

Use quantifiable terms: is immediate within 4 hrs, 12 hrs, 2 days, 2 weeks or 3 mos?
If you buy today (SUNDAY) do you realize I can't ship most stuff today? So what do you expect in that situation?

If you buy at the start of last weekend's 3 day weekend, how does that change your perception of "immediate" shipping or does it.

During the run-up to a holiday like Christmas, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day are you willing to pay extra for expedited shipping to get the item faster?

Besides higher shipping are you willing to pay for Premium Processing time (mean I really will drop what I'm doing, wrap/pack the item and take it straight to the Post Office)

This is NOT a debate over whether we should be doing immediate shipping. It's a discussion of the definition of immediate shipping. All other remarks will be deleted so please don't do that.