Thursday, September 20, 2012

More Takeaways from Ebay on Location - Philadelphia

Social Media session:

Pull not push (meaning stop with the Buy my Shi* Buy My Shi* posts and put soemthing interesting in )

Talk about what the customers want to talk about...

Blogging draws 25 Billion page views per month... (O HOLY COW!)

Twitter has 465 Million users and 33 Billion tweets...

Facebook has 1 BILLION users - 1,000,000,000,  (is that enough zeroes

Pinterest has 23 Million

People are spending equal amounts of time on Facebook and Pinterest... (go figure! ) 405 min..I forget if that's a month, or year or what..

Ok, just factoids but I find them interesting.

Suggestions from the Social Media Whiz Kids and Social Media team:

1 Conversation ='s not selling, it's "talking, conversing" in other words...

2. Hone in on Personality

3. Content Rules -  Fresh content rules more..Google likes it and so do your followers/buyers/readers

4. Always consider - why am I doing this and where am I doing it.

5. Get to the point... 3 lines of text = 60 % more reading it than more lines.

6. Content Sets you apart as an expert (Of course, I say, that's if your content is EXPERT level and not kindergarden bullcrap)

Soon - part two... 2 I promise, it's coming soon.

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