Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Since When Did Having a Telephone?

Since when did having a telephone mean you were open to random stupid marketing phone calls at the whim of some slimeball marketing company??

In  the 1950's phone calls were for emergencies.  In the 60's for conversation. Now it seems like it's the toilet bowl of communication.  Every turd has my number and thinks they can use it.

First it was my house phone, so I got an unlisted phone number. Which GOOGLE choose to make public by crawling a press release with it on there, that had nothing to do with Google.

So I got my phone numbers on Pennsylvania's and the Fed DO NOT CALL LIST.  Fat lot of good that's done me. The worse annoyers are The Republican Party during the primary and election cycles.

They don't want to market to me, The Democrat.  They are after my husband for contributions and The Independent registered here who has moved on to a real life. 

To add to the "misery loves company" theory, some marketers are now sending text messages to my cell phones, costing me money (cause I'm not paying Verizon for texting ability) and waking me up at 3 AM.  Sure I'll buy your shit that you pushed to me in the middle of the night making me think someone died or had a horrific car accident on the way home from work. NO PROBLEM.  Here, hold your breath and I'll buy when you turn blue and die.

Today's recipient of PITA award is SENIOR BENEFITS.  

Do not call me. Don't call me manually. Don't call me on an automatic dialer and make me wait while your stupider than rat turds operator gets on the line and keeps pissing me off more and more asking dumber than dumb questions (sample: "Is this your own phone?"   I used my Dad's line, "No I was just passing by and hear the phone ringing so I came in and answered it").  If it's Not my phone what am I doing here??



Victoria*Claire said...

Beth, please see my post on your FB wall. Also, just in case you don't know, federal law exempts political campaign calls from the blocked calls list. ~ Victoria

kdmoretti said...

Oh I so so AGREE with you on this Post ! I am FED up to my Green eyes with Telemarketers bothering me at all hours of the day AND EVEN NIGHT calling me about everything from Time share Opportunities ( which I DON`T need anymore of BTW ) to wanting to sell me Aluminum siding which my house already has ! And I have put my Number on the NO CALL LIST 3 stinking separate times and that doesn`t STOP them.