Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Flowers and Fruit and Veggies OH MY!

I was discussing "bulbs and flowers" with a friend of mine and we're "swapping" bulbs and ideas.  And it just sort of fits where my mind wants to go today - out in the garden.. so here is the conversation

I got some flower seeds from Jane a while back (while meaning maybe 3-4 years..)...only thing was, that year was the year of a torrential rainy season for about 3 weeks and none of them survived.  Poor little bluebells,  they all washed under the fence to the neighbor's yard and got mowed into oblivion when they presumed to stick their flowery heads above ground.
I have daffodil and tulip bulbs to plant..bought them last month so I will be fine with just those - for the time being.   But I really love my pink/salmon iris and when I separate them I'll share them with a couple of friends.  I lost most of them a couple of years ago when the oil tank had to be replaced but they are starting to crowd up again. 
 I also have the day lilies if you want some. They grow great cause I "stole" them one night on the way home from "work" from a site that was being bull-dozed the next day. Must hae been a hoot to see me in high heels and skirt on the side of the road with my shovel digging up "weeds" in the semi-dark. 
We're going to visit my son later this week and then to his "co-op" garden place and I'm getting at least 6 tomato plants and 3-4 peppers and whatever else they have that strikes my fancy. He and his girlfriend signed up for a 1/2 membership in the co-op so they get fruit and vegetable distributions from the "city farm" that the coop runs on some vacant grown and from fruit trees in their green house area - once every two weeks a box of fresh fruit from next week til mid-November.   That's my idea of "farming" so next year I might talk my husband into a half membership and we can use that as an excuse to see "the kids" when we're in the area.... wonder if that will work?? Probably not, the son is on to me..
This spring my azaleas have been prolific  
The big deeper pink bush on the right here is an original planting from when Levitt built Levittown Pa. It's almost 60 years old. The smaller lighter colored bush next to it cost me a whole quarter at a farmer's market plant auction about 10 years ago...
See those green wavy spiky things in picture #2 right above this? that's my day liles aka Tiger Lilies or Philadelphia Lilies waiting to explode with some hot sunny weather...
. Next time we can tour the back gardens of my palatial estate...

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