Saturday, March 24, 2012

More Whining about Intelligent Design in Buildings

So you know I don't want to have to walk to the back of any public building to go to the, having 2x in the last year spent 2-3 days in a hospital, I'm whining again. WHY do you put a busy nurses' station in front of the door to the patient rooms with NO sound proofing??? ??? WELL??? Now obviously the nurses, aids, doctors, etc. have to converse and do paperwork and even eat lunch somewhere. And I have to lay in the room at 3 AM listening to the night shift discussing "whatever" (it was kitchens this week...) WHY?? WHY is there not a sound proof glass/plastic/paper wall between them and they can see me fall out of bed and come help but I don't have to listen to them venting about the new software system, the kitchen contractor who didn't show up on time or the dog who ate their shoes?? I mean COME ON!!! I had surgery, I need to sleep. It's bad enough you come around every 2 hrs to see if I'm alive (don't give me that checking vitals stuff, you're just checking for a pulse so you can make room for the next $75,000 Ortho recovery person..) I do not want to know your kid got kicked off the baseball team or you spent $5000 on a granite counter top. I know you need to "talk" (I work at home alone so I KNOW that compulsion better than you think)...but let's figure this out..there really has to be a compromise...doncha think? SO WHERE are the architects and building design people?? WHAT mountain is their head under?? Let's see some innovation here people. Hospital design hasn't changed much in the last 10 years that I can see...time to get off your butts!

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