Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why are the bathrooms always in the BACK??

Who teaches architecture, layout of public buildings etc?? And who's stupid idea is it that: 1 - the ladies rooms in public buildings, like the Hilton Orland in Florida where eBay had EOL last September (2011), will be in the FARTHEST away corner as distant from the meeting rooms as they can put them??? 2. Once you get there..what Nimrod decided that disabled people should have to walk further?? (walk?? I LIMP!)all the way to the back of the room another 40-50 ft away??? Why wouldn't you put the disable/handicapped stalls right by the door?? so we can make it to the john before we wet your floor? How incredibly insensitive and stupid is that?? (in my not-so-humble opinion it's downright cruel) just saying... I can't walk to start with so put the facilities as far away as you humanly can..unless you make me take a bus. I should just let you suffer the consequences of your own dumbness...and yeah you'd have to clean the carpet every day if I did - multiple times a day. Oh and the AMC movie chain is just as dumb...and a few other places - when I remember who I'll add them to the list of shame..

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