Friday, December 18, 2015

Everybody Has Their Hand in My Pocket

It's not bad enough I have legitimate bills to pay and I have scramble to do that, then there's the "thievery" that goes on in the back room everywhere.   For instance, you go to mail a box. The USPS's website says package and then next is large package. Well dang it looks large to me... so I check yes. BUT come to find out, it's not considered large until it is over 12" x 12" x 12" (or the dimensional equivalent which is 1728* more about this in a minute).I’ve been thinking on this while “trying” to sleep and I think what the size selection actually says is Large Size box.  So I know for me, I selected that a lot before I caught on to the fact that if it’s not more than 12 x 12 x12 it’s not large.  Never once did the USPS say, "hey idiot, this box ain't oversized".  

A friend just mailed something and got charged $39 for a package that probably could have gone for $15-19 but she didn't know.

We have to watch everywhere – Comcast was out here over and over for months about the crapo service.  On the last visit,  their contractor guy was never even inside my house. The issue was up on a pole, 3 houses up. the street.  BUT they charged me for in-home service. So you need to watch all of them.  Every stinking company we deal with over charges somebody on any given day. It’s just a fact of life. They have done this repeatedly on this "service call" which has lasted from August til November 30.  I think the man on November 30 actually knew what he was doing and got the issue fixed. But an issue in a box on top of a pole, half a block away, should not even be considered for an "in-home" service charge. Don't you think?

Now about that dimensional equivalent, I found out that whatever the dimensions of your box are, it's not oversized until it exceeds that 1728. So you could mail a box 12 x 12 x 12 OR you could mail 16 x 16 x 6 or it could be 14 x 14 x 9  so keep that in mind next time you're mailing packages or presents - you now, like tomorrow when you mail my Christmas present?

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