Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Day the Coffee Pot Died

Only another coffee addict will understand my grief and stress the last few days - my coffee pot rolled over and it was dead.  Not that it hadn't had a long life.  I think it was about 2 years old. could it leave me stranded in the very beginning of what was prophesied to be THE STORM OF THE CENTURY?

Predictions were for two feet of snow in my area... or at least one foot...ok then they cut it to 3 inches.  I live a whole quarter of a mile from the grocery store. HOW would I get a new coffee maker? How would I manage without one for a week?

Well my son came to the rescue and lent me his.  Very grateful but... ya know

It wasn't "mine".

So fast forward 2 more months, the new pot is on the job, my coffee life changed that day cause I decided to cut back. And now I"m cutting back more due to medical issues that will get resolved shortly but coffee doesn't help them so that February day may have been the end of a short sweet love affair with coffee.  "may".. we'll see

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