Monday, August 23, 2010

FINALLY!! Someone at the USDA with a BRAIN!!!

This just seems like such a given - a no-brainer...

20.5 MILLION - that would be 20,500,000 KIDS - people too young to work for aliving primarily but even some highschoolers are eligible for subsidized school lunches.  BUT what do they do when school is out all summer and over Christmas break and over Spring break?? THEY GO HUNGRY. 

These are KIDS... not drug addict, not welfare cheats, not drug dealers (mostly not) just CHILDREN - God's precious gifts who are hungry.  

WHY did it take so long for someone to think of this and what can we do to promote this idea and twist the arms of the folks in ALL states to join this program or start the same thing of their own???

Meanwhile, join me in donating to Philabundance, a non-profit in the SE Penna/ Southern NJ area that collects and redistributes available food, produce etc.  I've been running charity auctions on eBay for them for months but my sales level is so low (Hello eBay!..anybody home!) that I'm not making much of a dent. I think so far I donated to packs of crackers with my proceeds.  But you can "vet" them thru MissionFish if you want to or you can check them out on the search engines (I refuse to "G_____ It".  THAT is a whole other blog post.

PS - some of my "acquaintances" (I refuse to call people this ignorant a friend) have voiced the opinion that the "welfare cheats" don't deserve school lunches - WHATEVER the parent does, the kid does not deserve to go hungry!!!

A lot of you lament the poor performances in schools and you'll lambast the teachers. It helps to FEED the kid - PLEASE read this too -

And next time you feed your kids think about why ANYONE's child should go hungry --


Kat Simpson said...

Great Cause, Beth - living in the 'land of plenty' we take a lot for granted.

mymomsbooks said...

So many of us have too much and not just food. So much waste that could be donated instead of trashed all good stuff. Keep up the good work Beth it will equal a case of crackers soon.

UdderlyGoodStuff said...

I would be the first one to step up and feed a hungry child, don't get me wrong.
But I bet a huge part of the problem is parents abusing the system and instead of buying food for their kids, they are getting their cigarettes and beer.
Where is the accountability?
Yes let's get the kids fed! But lets also do some education and teach them how to be succesful in their futures and feeding themselves.

Beth Cherkowsky said...

No Danni - a large part of the problem is, in the inner city, there is NO grocery, there is no "farmers market". The corner store doesn't really stock quite the same merchandise as "whole foods" and frankly, taking the bus aan hour each way to get groceries? Is a major pain in the ...arms...been there done that. So don't talk to me about "educating" the parents. The parents know it's not good food. This program was to carry them over the summer when School, even here in the East, is closed and they don't have enough to eat.